25th Anniversary of "COLD HARBOR" - September 25, 2023

Cold Harbor

On September 25th, 2023, we’re celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tom Brandau’s film COLD HARBOR. The film premiered at The Senator Theatre in Baltimore on September 25, 2003. 

This was a very personal film for Tom Brandau (1960-2021). It is Tom’s only feature film. We will present COLD HARBOR on our YouTube Channel for a limited time. It’s our hope to share this fine work of his with friends who have not seen it in sometime, and for those who are new to the film, to enjoy it. If you’d like to subscribe, you’ll be notified when the film is available:https://youtube.com/@MarkRedfieldStudios 

Here is the trailer for COLD HARBOR: https://youtu.be/IPUndK3YnoU 


We’ll also publish some stories and video about the making of COLD HARBOR in the coming months. 


This film is incredibly important to me. It’s my first feature film as a producer. Making this film created a forever bond with Tom Brandau. Words will never express how much I miss Tom. Miss our trusting friendship. He passed away from cancer in 2021. How I wish he was here. 

- Mark Redfield August 2023