Watch Highlights from the Livestream Of The 1st Annual Coigney-Arnoult Global Theatre Awards 2023


Watch highlights from the Livestream Event which took place Wednesday 29 March 2023 6pm EST at the Arena Stage Theater in Washington DC

1st Annual Coigney-Arnoult Global Theatre Awards 2023
Honoring Lifetime Achievements in Global Collaboration: James C. Nicola, Robert J. Orchard, and Molly Smith
Wednesday 29 March 2023


The Center for International Theatre Development (CITD) and the Trust for Mutual Understanding held this awards event at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. prior to the evening’s preview performance of “Angels in America, Part One: Millenium Approaches”, directed by János Szász. CITD founder and director Philip Arnoult presented the inaugural Coigney-Arnoult Global Theatre Awards to James C. Nicola, Robert J. Orchard, and Molly Smith in honor of their lifetime achievements in global collaboration.

This virtual celebration united friends and supporters, along with Will Wadsworth, nephew of the late Martha Coigney.

Hosts:Philip Arnoult and Barbara Lanciers

Friends and Theatre Artists Interviewed:

Robert J. Orchard

John Strausbaugh

James C. Nicola

Igor Golyak

Micheal Hurley

Janos Szasz

Will Wadsworth

Alisa Solomon


Molly Smith

Camera: Mark Redfield

Video Editor: Jennifer Rouse

Livestream HowlRoundTV: Vijay Mathew

Music: “Conowingo” by Jennifer Rouse

Still Photos: Mark Redfield and Alison Van Pelt

A very special thanks to all at Arena Stage for making this event possible. And a very warm thank you to all who attended the event.

Philip Arnoult

The Center For International Theatre Development

Barbara Lanciers

The Trust For Mutual Understanding

Arena Stage

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Remembering Martha Coigney