FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER - A Monsterama Audio Drama!

Frankenstein Mobster Audio Drama

In a city where monsters live and mobsters rule..

A lone, mad scientist decided to build a better mobster: the Frankenstein Mobster! Now the original “made man” is getting an all-new, original audio drama thanks to creator Mark Wheatley, the talented performers and producers at Redfield Arts Audio, and the crowdfunding backers of Kickstarter.

The Frankenstein Mobster Monsterama Audio Drama campaign is now live on Kickstarter. For those who participate, they will be treated to a tale ripped from the police files of Monstros City, a story that just might be the most amazing story of crime ever told!

In addition to the audio drama itself, rewards for backers range from digital-only offerings to actually joining the ensemble’s voice cast.

There are rewards for virtually every price range as part of the Frankenstein Mobster Monsterama Audio Drama. Additionally, if the project hits its target, potential stretch goals include the work of an all-star group of comic artists, including Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo, Alex Nino, George Freeman, Michael Avon Oeming, Angelo Torres, Jerry Ordway, Scott Morse, and Berni Wrightson, in addition to Wheatley’s own art.

The story to be told in this audio drama immediately takes on epic proportions.

In one 36-hour period, Monstros City will be engulfed in dirty politics and black magic spells and it may well be torn apart by gang warfare and creatures of the night. Into the widening chasm between lawlessness and order steps the Frankenstein Mobster. But who is he?

Terry Todd was a good cop and he tried to be a good father. He named his daughter Terri and tried to inspire her to also become a police detective. But after he was killed in the line of duty, he was resurrected as a monster with a body patched together with parts from three ruthless mobsters. Now he fights for inner control against their evil souls while the conflict around him could take this corrupt, haunted city, and plunge it deeper into hell.

Following his critically acclaimed Kickstarter successes with Songs of Giants and Doctor Chtulittle, writer-artist Wheatley (Mars, Radical Dreamer) returns to the character he made famous in the Image Comics series; Frankenstein Mobster. This time, the creative force behind Blood of the Innocent and the first Vertigo collected edition, Breathtaker, finds himself teamed up with frequent collaborators, writer-actor-producer Mark Redfield (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Death of Poe) and composer-sound designer Jennifer Rouse (The Avenging Conscience, Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunted House Of Usher).

The trio previously collaborated on the Songs of Giants hardcover and audio book of pulp poetry by such luminaries as Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H.P. Lovecraft. Wheatley has also provided cover art for several of their CD releases (with more in the pipeline).

“Each installment of the eight-episode first season of the Frankenstein Mobster Monsterama Audio Drama will take us deeper into the unique world of Monstros City. This season will be based on the first Frankenstein Mobster series, which was collected into the IDW Made Man graphic novel,” Wheatley said.

“Our new adventures will be presented in state-of-the-art stereo sound by Redfield Arts Audio. Their audio dramas are known for immersive high-quality enhanced audio productions, which often feature full casts, professional voice acting, Hollywood-quality sound effects and lush original scores. Frankenstein Mobster will feature a full cast, sound effects and original music score,” he said

Wheatley’s Frankenstein Mobster is an inventive, ambitious crime story set in a world where monsters are just as real as mobsters, corrupt police, and crumbling infrastructure. The Frankenstein Mobster Monsterama Audio Drama campaign brings all of this and a sense of humor to Kickstarter now and very soon to fans and supporters.