"Moby Dick - Rehearsed" A Play By Orson Welles at Baltimore Theatre Project April 11-28, 2024

Theatre Project presents
An Industrial-Strength Theater Production

“Moby Dick-Rehearsed”
A Play by Orson Welles
from the novel by Herman Melville
Directed by Tony Tsendeas
2 Hours, 15 minutes (one intermission)

April 11-28, 2024
Two Weeks Only!
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or call the Box Office at: 410-752-8558

A traveling Shakespearean company puts down their rehearsal sides of “King Lear” and curiously take up those of a new play entitled “Moby Dick”. On the rehearsal stage of platforms, the teasers overhead suddenly become yardarms with sails and a tall ladder becomes a mast. The platforms become the decks of the ship on which the cast sails through the storms and tribulations of the Pequod hunting for white whale, Moby Dick.

Orson Welles created this bold, imaginative and Epic Theatre telling of Melville’s famous story in 1955, premiering it in London. Welles’ magic trick was to tell the tale of obsession and madness by way of the compulsions and folly of an actor-manager, Shakespeare’s Lear, and Melville’s mad Captain Ahab, and the actors, crew, and fools who follow.

Mark Redfield captains a diverse crew of actors in Industrial-Strength Theater’s exciting new production, under the direction of Tony Tsendeas.


April 11 @ 8pm
April 12 @ 8pm
April 13 @ 8pm
April 14 @ 4pm

April 18 @ 8pm
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April 25 @ 8pm
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April 28 @ 4pm

General Admission: $25
Student/Artist/Military: $20