Redfield Arts Audio to Produce Steve Barton's Autobiography "A Comedy Of Tragedies"

Known to horror fans as “Uncle Creepy,” prolific journalist and producer Steve Barton tells the wild story of his life and career in the upcoming autobiography "A Comedy of Tragedies", which will be released by Encyclopocalypse Publications on December 10, 2024. The dramatized audiobook version will also be release around this time. Exact date TBA.

We are very pleased to announce that Redfield Arts Audio will be doing the dramatized audiobook version of "A Comedy of Tragedies", which will not only be narrated by Mark Redfield but will evoke the feeling of the time and place with sound design and music by Jennifer Rouse.

"A Comedy of Tragedies" features cover art by VFX artist KillJosh Petrino and layout by author Scott A. Johnson.

Paperback pre-orders in the USA are now available directly at, with International Pre-orders soon to be available via Amazon, Waterstones, and Booktopia. The first 100 paperback copies pre-ordered through the site will come with a signed bookplate.
Beginning today, eBook pre-orders are also now available for everyone via and all major online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“A wild rollercoaster ride filled with laughter, love, and passion for life, told with the brutal honesty of a true survivor. This isn’t your typical Hollywood memoir. A Comedy of Tragedies dives deep into the heart of a man who’s battled the darkness and emerged, not unscathed, but with a wicked wit and a captivating story to tell.”

− Director, Daniel Farrands, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

“Steve’s stories about the horror industry are the stuff of legend… this book gives horror fans a seat at the campfire as Uncle Creepy tells the tale!”

− Phil Nobile, Jr. – Fangoria

“Utterly compelling, courageous unflinching and at times hilarious, the author takes you through a childhood of trauma, the personal impact of 9/11 and into the highs and lows of the Hollywood film industry. An inspirational story of the indomitable human spirit, and one which I just couldn’t put down. A must read.”

− Sean Decker, Writer, Journalist

“A Comedy of Tragedies is an evocative tale of Steve’s personal apocalypse with gallows humor. It’s a story of overcoming abuse and alienation with strength, wit, and a determination to thrive. Kudos to him for his courage and resilience.”

− Kyra Schon, Night of the Living Dead

“A Comedy of Tragedies reflects how its author has lived his life, with an open heart and honest candor. There are hilarious anecdotes conveyed with a curious mix of vulgarity, humor, and incongruous, but somehow wholly appropriate, innocence and guile. The book will inspire readers to see ourselves in his struggle and realize we aren’t alone in this life.”

− Michael Felsher, Filmmaker and Historian