Rest In Peace Make-up Artist Robert Yoho

I am deeply saddened today to hear that Robert Yoho has died. After seven months, cancer took him. Bob was the make-up artist who, greater than any lab potion Jekyll could concoct, transformed me into Edward Hyde, and the ancient flophouse proprietor Chaing, in our film “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (2002).

Bob was an extraordinarily gentle and caring man. His artistry was of the highest caliber. It’s because of Bob Yoho that I had a character to play, and that Hyde came to life. The collaboration between us, figuring out the several stages of Hyde through-out the story, was a joy. And the challenge I threw him after Ellie Torrez suggested I play Chaing was met with excitement, and Bob delivered, as always in his work, brilliantly.

Bob, you are missed by so many. I hope, in however small a way, our little film is part of your legacy; a reminder of your great artistry.

Thank you, Bob.
~ Mark Redfield
20 October 2023