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Baltimore Theatre Project The 50th Anniversary Celebration

23 October 2021

Celebrating 50 Years Of Presenting Theatre, Music, Dance, and Performance Art From Around The World!

with PHILIP ARNOULT Founder and Director (1971 - 1990)

Robert Mrozek Producing Director (1990 - 2001)

Anne Cantler-Fulwiler Producing Director (2001 - 2012)

Chris Pfingsten Producing Director (2012 - Present)

And Your Hosts Joyce J. Scott and Kay Lawal-Muhammad

Performances By Resident Artists (in order of appearance) Happenstance Theatre, Ellen Cherry, Deep Vision Dance Company, IN Series, Alex and Olmsted and, as the disembodied voice of THE THEATRE PROJECT GHOST Mark Redfield

Theatre Project 50th Anniversary Event Committee: Anne Cantler-Fulwiler, Chris Pfingsten, Sydney Pink, and Mark Redfield

Illustrations by Micheal Iampieri (Used by Permission)

Video & Sound Editor: Jennifer Rouse

Camera: Mark Redfield

Special Thanks to the Baltimore Theatre Project Technical Crews Who Made This Event Possible. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the hundreds of artists from around the globe that have performed on the Theatre Project stage for more than 50 years… … and to YOU, the audience. For more than 50 years your support and presence, your passion and love of performance, has kept Baltimore Theatre Project at the forefront in presenting diverse, exciting, and challenging live theatre, in all its forms. THANK YOU!

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Video copyright Mark Redfield Studios. All Rights Reserved. 

The Performances and Speeches presented in this video are copyright the respective performers and speakers. Used by Permission. All World Rights Reserved.

Listen to John C Wilson and Philip Arnoult talk about artist Micheal Iampieri, Theatre Project’s brilliant “historian with a pencil”. Episode # 21-19, on The Redfield Arts Audio Podcast, everywhere you get great podcasts!

“Drawing in the Dark: The Art of Micheal Iampieri” by John C. Wilson is available at

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