Color. 98 minutes.
Written and Directed by Tom Brandau
Produced by Mark Redfield


When an old man ends his life by throwing himself into the icy winter surf near his seaside home, his four estranged sons are left to deal with their memories, feelings of loss and betrayal, and unsettling family issues. As they pick through and pack up his belongings, they discover the missing puzzle pieces of their own lives, gradually recognizing themselves and each other in the remnants of their father's life.

Starring Mark Redfield (The Death Of Poe, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,Dark and Stormy Night, The Fall of the House of Usher- Netflix ) COLD HARBOR is a tough, touching drama full of gritty, honest moments and dark, humorous situations. Writer-director Tom Brandau draws upon real-life events to craft this award winning film about loss and family mythology and, ultimately, about burying the dead and getting on with life.


Mark Redfield…Roger
Richard M. Lopez…Rick
James Caffery…Tom
Adam Raynen…Bobby

with Britta Jepsen, Stanley Morstein, E. John Edmonds, Mike Lane, Kerry Wynn, Reid Hill, Lisbeth Sabol, Ernie Boston, Brooke Spottiswoode, Chuck Richards, and Dianah Gibson.

Photography by Peter Mullett
Music by Nalin Taneja
Edited by Wayne Hipley and Mike Flanagan
Production Manager Kathi Ash
"Playing It Dead" Song by Mike Lane
Produced By Mark Redfield
Written and Directed by Tom Brandau

Color, 98 minutes

WINNER Best Feature Film - Annapolis Reel Cinema Festival 2004

WINNER Best Feature Film - Forx Film Festival 2005

"For the viewer, the emotional recognition is only a frigid wave crash away" - Baltimore City Paper


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