Frankenstein Mobster



In a city where monsters live and mobsters rule.

Detective Terry Todd (Daniel Roebuck, “Matlock”, “The Fugitive”, “The Munsters”) is missing and presumed dead. His daughter, Detective Terri Todd (Debbie Rochon), new to the police force, has vowed to find out what happened to him. When a mad scientist brings Todd back to life, combining him with the bodies and spirits of three notorious dead gangsters, and calls her new creation “Frankie”, all hell breaks out in a town already at the boiling point with warring gangs and the hapless monsters that live under the crime and corruption that plague the metropolis! 

As the inhabitants of Monstros City, the vampires, werewolves, goblins, and “exceptionals” fight for their survival under the boot heels of the mob and corrupt city officials, Frankie and Terri, father and daughter, eventually find each other, and fight to make Monstros City safe for all! 

This Monsterama audio drama, adapted from the acclaimed graphic novel by Mark Wheatley, also stars Mark Redfield as Mayor Hyde, with Nathanyael Grey, Inyan Igmuthanka Bey, Jennifer Rouse, Isabel Newell, Dick Dyszel, and Eric Supensky, supported by a large cast, with original music and immersive cinematic sound effects. Frankenstein Mobster is adapted, written, and directed by Mark Redfield. Music score and sound design by Jennifer Rouse.


Redfield Arts Audio Presents:
A Sneak Preview!
Meet Detective Terri Todd
The First 6 Minutes of “Frankenstein Mobster”!

Meet Detective Terri Todd, voiced by Debbie Rochon. Also in this excerpt from our audio drama adaptation of Mark Wheatley’s acclaimed graphic novel FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER is Mike Gold as Captain Burns, and Nathanyael Grey as Detective Janus Moore. Our Narrator is Inyan Igmuthanka Bey.

"Frankenstein Mobster Music Suite One"
by Jennifer Rouse




An Interview With Actor Daniel Roebuck - A.K.A. THE FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER!


  1. Fanfare/Credits
  2. Part 1: Welcome to Monstros City
  3. Part 2: Made Man
  4. Part 3: The Monster Mash
  5. Part 4: Of Mobs and Monsters
  6. Part 5: Mayhem at the Goblin Market
  7. Part 6: Making Monster Mash
  8. Part 7: All Monsters Great and Small
  9. Part 8: All Monsters Matter
  10. End Credits