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Welcome! all lovers of Magic, Romance, and High Adventure!

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Here, we’ll celebrate the life and work of the Houdinis and update you on the progress, creation and publication of our works that feature Harry and Bess!

Houdini In The Ghost World

Our full-cast audio drama “Houdini: Magicians in the Ghost World”, written and directed by Mark Redfield with an original music score by Jennifer Rouse goes into full production soon for a Fall release on CD and Audible.

The novel “Houdini of the Secret Service” by Mark Redfield and Stuart Voytilla is in its final stages...more on its publication and release soon!

Thank you for joining us here. There are no tricks up our sleeves, but we do have a few more Houdini projects up our sleeves that we’ll reveal!

The curtain is about to rise and the overture play on the adventures of Harry and Bess Houdini!

~ Mark Redfield