Mark Redfield Storyteller




Mark Redfield performs an eclectic mix of story excerpts, poems, and favorite readings of some of his favorite British and American storytellers.

1. Storytelling. Tales As Old As Time.
2. “One Afternoon In The British Officer’s Club”
3. The Immortal Charles Dickens
4. From Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” (1843)
5. Sir Alfred Hitchcock
6. “Gas” written by Alfred Hitchcock (1919)
7. One MUST include Shakespeare
8. The Drunken Porter From ”Macbeth” (1606)
9. William Shakespeare’s villians
10. Richard III Tells Us His (Twisted) Mind. Richard III (1593)
11. A Bit Of Dark Whimsy..
12. “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll (1872)
13. Kipling’s Empire
14. “Gunga Din” by Rudyard Kipling (1890)
15. American voices
16. “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Thayer (1888)
17. Unreliable Narrators and Storytellers
18. “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe (1843)
19. America’s Funnybone
20. “The Golden Arm” As Retold By Mark Twain (1884)

Narrator: Mark Redfield.
Audio engineers: Bill Dickson and Jennifer Rouse.
Original Music by Bill Dickson and Jennifer Rouse.
Recorded at Drat Productions and Seven Elms Studio, Baltimore.
Album photography: Tami Hamalian.