Sinbad And The Pirate Princess

Sinbad And The Pirate Princess


starring Caroline MUNRO and Martine BESWICKE

written & directed by Mark REDFIELD

original music by Jennifer ROUSE


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Featuring Caroline Munro as Junah,

Martine Beswicke as Queen Badra, and

Mark Redfield as Sinbad.

With J.R. Lyston, Michael Butscher, Mary Anne Perry, Ron Burr, Belle Burr and Eric Supensky.

Recording engineers: Jay Chapin and Bill Dickson. Recorded at Studio Carlyle.

Original Music and Sound design by Jennifer Rouse

Written and directed by Mark Redfield

Sinbad (Mark Redfield), at the command of his Caliph,  is tasked to rid the Arabian Sea of a ferocious female pirate called Junah (Caroline Munro), who preys on the ships in the waters of the small island of Zelos, ruled by Queen Badra (Martine Beswicke).

It's Sinbad’s greatest voyage! An adventure filled with danger, treachery, sorcery, a treasure-hoarding genii and a blood-thirsty serpent of the sea, and the battle of two sisters—one, and evil sorceress and the other, an avenging pirate princess!

are beloved film stars known the world-over by their legions of fans primarily for their appearances in the James Bond films and the Hammer horror films of the 60s and 70s.

Caroline Munro’s credits include The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), At the Earth’s Core (1976), Dracula AD 1972 (1972), Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (1974) and many others.

Martine Beswicke’s credits include From Russia With Love (1963), Thunderball (1965), Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1972), One Million Years BC (1968) and many others.




Let me state with this disclaimer that I am not a fan of new audio drama. I absolutely love old-time radio from the 1920s through the 1950s. Over the years I have listened to a large handful of new audio drama and with the exception of the hit-or-miss CBS Radio Mystery Theater, none of the new drama has impressed, or entertained. Part of the reason is because many of the amateur actors read their lines, not act them out. Like a stage play one reads his line, then she reads her line, then he reads his line, and so on. No overlapping of varied syllables, sound effects that are so sharp you can almost tell what color the bucket was that a hammer was applied to for a sound effect. Thankfully, SINBAD AND THE PIRATE PRINCESS is a magnificent audio drama that for the first time -- ever -- I am impressed. Flawless, attention to detail, great production values and superb acting by Bond girls Caroline Munro and Martine Beswicke. Treat yourself and buy a copy of this audio drama.
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Mark Redfield, a very talented actor/writer/producer/director, has assembled a dream team for his new audio CD, SINBAD AND THE PIRATE PRINCESS. Fans of a certain age will be delighted by the fact that Caroline Munro, star of such fantasy favorites of the seventies as THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD, CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER and STARCRASH, plays the titular Pirate Princess. Martine Beswicke, another fantasy icon courtesy of films such as ONE MILLION YEARS B.C., PREHISTORIC WOMEN and DR. JEKYLL AND MISTRESS HYDE, portrays the villainess that Sinbad and his lady love must battle. Redfield himself plays Sinbad and seems to be having a wonderful time. With such beautiful actresses to back him up, who wouldn't? Munro and Beswicke are in good voice, as always, and the soundtrack includes selections from Rimsky-Korsakov, who in my opinion could do no wrong. If you're looking for a perfect Christmas gift that's suitable for the entire family - full of humor, romance and fantastic creatures - then SINBAD AND THE PIRATE PRINCESS should be on your list. I highly recommend it.
Take a pinch of Douglas Fairbanks’ swashbucklers, add a dash of Richard Lester’s Musketeer movies, season with the fantasy films of Ray Harryhausen, and you have SINBAD AND THE PIRATE PRINCESS! It’s simply that much fun!

Fans of the fantastique, as well as fans of Hammer Films, will relish the pairing of actresses Caroline Munro (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD) and Martine Beswicke (THUNDERBALL, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.) in this tale of magic, mystery and betrayal. Writer/producer/director Mark Redfield, an accomplished actor of both stage and screen, is the new Sinbad; a hero who has his hands full as he pits his wits against those of Juna the pirate princess (Munro) and the sorceress queen Badra (Beswicke). And if the legendary sailor doesn't have enough problems with the two lethal ladies, there's also a wicked genie and a giant serpent to be dealt with.

This feature-length, larger-than-life audio adventure is an absolute treasure you’ll want to revisit again and again.
A great tribute to Ray Harryhausen. I liked that sometimes the description of some of the events was almost "and then Ray does his thing" before returning to the story. I also appreciated the fact that Mr. Redfield let Sinbad almost take a back seat to Junah and Badra, reminding us that this was, after all, a tale told by a woman, Scherazade. I always like hearing Mark's voice, but the casting of Martine and Caroline was a delight.
This is an absolute must have for fans of the classic swashbucklers as well as fans of Ray Harryhausen's Sinbad movies. If you are tired of "reality tv" and the unoriginal films and tv shows that flood the current marketplace, then you need to discover the world of Mark Redfield. This audio story is the perfect opportunity. "Sinbad and the Pirate Princess" is a well told tale which is entertaining and well acted.

I love classic tales with a new spin, so this story greatly appealed to me immediately. I am a fan of Mark Redfield because he is bold enough to tell stories which are plot driven rather than CGI driven. We are able to use our imaginations while this story of Sinbad unfolds. In addition, the audio story is brilliantly cast. Martine Beswick is the perfect choice for the villainess. We don't need to see Martine for her to be menacing -- that wonderfully sultry voice does the job superbly. Plus, Beswick's delivery of her menacing lines with a wry sense of humor is outstanding. Caroline Munro is a sweet and sexy pirate princess. Again, Munro is the ideal choice because she has the ability to soften her voice or raise it powerfully, depending upon what she wants to communicate to the listener about her mysterious character.

I found the whole production excellent! The supporting actors were fantastic as was the narrator or the tale. Mark Redfield is a great and dashing Sinbad. (Yes, you can hear that a character is dashing!) Redfield's ability to channel the spirit of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks (Senior or Junior), it what makes this audio play so immersive. It's not often one encounters a story which can not only entertain, but help us relive the great tales told by Ray Harryhausen, the old Hollywood studio system, or the golden age of radio. "Sinbad and the Pirate Princess" is able to do that!
Actor, writer, producer, director and recent Rondo Award honoree Mark Redfield has outdone himself with this audio production: a radio play that one can honestly consider the continuation of the Harryhausen Sinbad films.

With references to these previous screen adventures, and other classic adventure films, one can definitely feel the heart and soul that was put into this project. One only wishes this was an actual film! I can easily see Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion monsters coming to life in tandem with this story.

The actors in the piece are all very well cast, but the inclusion of “Genre Film Queens” Martine Beswicke (One Million Years B.C.) and Caroline Munro (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) helps elevate this production into something very special.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and if you are fans of adventure, Sinbad, Munro, and Beswicke, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. For children ages 5-95.

Redfield has previously recorded many different audio productions including a number of Edgar Allan Poe adaptations including The Black Cat which also stars Caroline Munro. You can find them at his website
A job very well done! Great stuff.
I got this CD from Mark Redfield at Balticon 51, and found it to be an excellent piece of audio. Much more than just narration, this is a true radio play, on par with some of the high quality works that BBC has published for the air. Great job!
Get a tall glass of rum...I mean tea. Put your earbuds in and your feet up in a hammock and as the song says Drift Away. Mr. Redfield and company have done an excellent job with telling a new story about Sinbad. The music is lush and the voicework is very good. Mr. Redfield and company puts their hearts into everything they do and this certainly won't disappoint.
Playfully and skillfully mixing the Sinbad, Aladdin and Jason myths, in a dramatic not melodramatic style, this could be the best production of its type in a long time. The story was worthy, satisfying and fun. In four parts perfect for car rides or late night listening! Very well produced, nothing was hard to hear over an alluring understated sonic backdrop. And, most of all, fun.
Sinbad and the Pirate Princess had me at: "For Ray Harryhausen". It's an adventure for your head. I found it to be an homage to all things Sinbad and a Thousand and One Nights. Well produced and lovingly crafted and acted. What a treat.
I want more!