Songs Of Giants - The Poetry Of Pulp





SONGS OF GIANTS: THE POETRY OF PULP is a collection of 26 poems by writers H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Robert E. Howard. Inspired by the illustrated book of the same name by artist Mark Wheatley. The poetry is read by Mark Redfield with a full orchestrated score and sound design by Jennifer Rouse to compliment the theme and dramatic feel of each poem.


1. Introduction
2. Halloween In A Suburb
3. Flaming Marble
4. Poverty
5. Battle Song
6. Dreaming On Downs
7. Ode For July 4th, 1917
8. A Lady’s Chamber
9. My Mother Was A Wild Cat
10. Surrender
11. The Cats
12. Solomon Kane’s Homecoming
13. The Passing O’ My Pal Bill
14. The Wood
15. The Riders Of Babylon
16. Astrophobus
17. The Madness Of Cormac
18. Red Thunder
19. Good St. Nick
20. March
21. The Sea
22. The Nightmare Lake
23. Song At Midnight
24. Nemesis
25. Tides
26. I Stood At The Bar
27. Pan
28. End Credits