Vampire Hunters, Incorporated

Meet Bertram Welles, vampire hunter.

Set in contemporary New York City, these novels and audio dramas follow the
adventures of Bertram Welles, a private detective who is also the New York
operative of a world-wide group of vampire hunters called "The
Organization". Welles leads a team of agents who work tirelessly in
Manhattan and the surrounding New York Burroughs flushing out and executing the undead who prey upon the living.

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The first novel in the series is CULT OF THE

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RHAPSODY IN BLOOD a Vampire Hunters Incorporated audio drama coming soon!

Rhapsody In Blood

Vampire hunter Bertram Welles in his first audio drama adventure!

Bertram Welles, the New York operative for Van Helsing International, is hot on the trail of a particularly nasty vampire called LeBlanc that leaves a trail of victims around Manhattan. The blood soaked clues lead to Harlem and the activities of a small sect of Vodue worshippers... Welles teams up with Agostina Walker, an expert in mythology and comparative religions, and Charles and Ophelia Tousaint, brother and sister, the leaders of the Vodou group in Harlem.

It’s vampire versus zombie with Bertram Welles and his new friends caught in the bloody middle! RHAPSODY IN BLOOD coming from Redfield Arts Audio in 2023!

RHAPSODY IN BLOOD stars the voice talents of Mark Redfield, Emerald Khan, Inyan Igmuthanka Bey, Nathanyael Grey, Jennifer Rouse, Jaime Hill, Eric Supensky, and Steve Barton.

Supported by a large cast, immersive sound effects and original music score.

Music and Sound Design by Jennifer Rouse.
“Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. Arranged by Jennifer Rouse.
Written and Created by Mark Redfield & Stuart Voytilla.
Directed by Mark Redfield.